Word Of Advice About Love

Never marry At A Young Age

I was inspired to write this from some thing that I read that happen between a man and a woman and it made me cry and made me so angry at the same time so I decided to write this in hopes that it may help others before they make the same kind of mistake.

Never get married at a young age. Make sure that you really love the person before you marry them. Don’t just say you love them just to keep them close. Don’t fill the person who loves you with big dreams, hope and lies while you are going around behind their back doing bad deeds and then telling the person who loves you so much that you love them when in truth you don’t. If you did love them you would not be going behind their backs in the first place cheating on them.

Don’t hurt them just because you can. Don’t lead them on because some time or other they wont take you back or come back.


Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Never Take Love for Granted

Also when you two are separated and you know that other one still loves you and you know that they are about to go crazy because they lost you don’t keep leading them on giving them false hope that hurts worse then any thing, don’t keep them hanging just in-case what you are doing at the time don’t work out then you will have some one to fall back on. That is wrong if you wanted them back then why did you leave them in the first place and treat them like dirt when you did have them.

Never take Love for granted at all treat as if it is an alter and worship it.

Listen folks, only marry for love nothing else, true love will get you through any thing. Make sure the person you marry are on the same road, don’t be on the same road for a while then see a path that looks tempting so you follow it for a while then when it ends badly you try to wiggle your way through the brush back to the path that has the only person on it that loves you. Stay together and work as a team.

If there were more people like myself and my husband that has what it takes to make it through any thing then there would be less divorces and more happy kids and less broken up homes.

Life is full of choices and life throws lots of hard balls at you and there will be many tempting things that comes to you but if that certain some one you chose is true to you then you should be true to them no matter how good the offer may seem stay with what you have.

Loving You

Love What you have No matter what Comes Your Way

I know that there are some people out there that thought they were perfect for each other then found out they were not and then you have another divorce and most likely there are kids involved and some don’t even get to know who their father or mother is till they are grown. That is not fair and it is also not fair that some don’t even want to be with their kids and has nothing to do with them. I know there are people who would kill to be with their kids but can not due to the other parent taking them to far away well I could go on and on here.

Mainly what I am saying is find that person that you love and you will know that it is love soon never hurt that person stay true to them no matter what.

No one is perfect so don’t let the little things bother you about some one try to see the inside of them don’t turn some one away just over their looks or how they live where they live or if they don’t have much money that don’t count for nothing when love comes into it.

Love the person for who they are not what they are or how old they or what they have only what they have in their heart and soul. If you find that one person that is willing to do any thing for you then you have a real gem for sure.

I found my Gem long ago there is no gem in the world or amount of money that could be worth more then my Gem.

He is one of a kind man. And I am proud to say he is all mine. I have one of the best and it makes me the luckiest woman in the entire world. I have what all women want and some had him but threw him away. Stupid girls really stupid you all did not know what you had when you had him.
I love my Husband more then life itself and I don’t care who knows it.
I love you DS

Written by Tasha Slone all rights reserved 2011

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