Why Do We Think This Way About Death

So many things have made me think of this, one song that really made me think of this is no other than a song by Larry Cordle titled Gone On Before, this song is about him having a dream about his mother and she tells him that she is with Jesus and all is wonderful.  Here is what I think about that, it is a beautiful song and having a dream about a loved one being safe and with god makes you OK with their death but every one thinks that when a loved one dies he or she goes to heaven. People believe in God so much that is what they all think will happen and so on. I do believe in God and Jesus very much but not a holy person for I question lots of things and every thing.

Death Waiting to take his prize
Death Waiting to take his prize

My thoughts on this is that we are brained washed to believe this and it is stuck in our heads so much that we dream of our loved ones. We make it all up in our heads, yet we think that it was a message. I do believe in receiving messages in a dream very much.

I really want you to think for a sec, even mean people that has done very bad things, unspeakable things, their loved ones still dream of them and they tell them that they in the arms of our heavenly father. How? Why?

Why do we think that every one is going to heaven? The bible really does not say that we are all going to heaven, so why the dreams. Why the thought that every one is going to heaven? Also according to the Bible no one goes to Heaven until judgment day although that can be argued to the greatest of all, for there are two different types of judgment days spoken of. So then how can the very minute people dies they go to heaven. Now really think about this if you have read the bible then you know what I am talking about on this whole thing.

Could this be nothing more then a comfort zone for us? When death comes close to us, even though we all know from the time we are tiny babies that some day we will all die, so when this happens to a close loved one we then realize how real death is. So dreaming this makes you feel better about death.

This could also be a way to deal with the loss of a loved one, to make you feel better about it all and then comes the saying, that they are in a better place.

Many people that has had near or complete death experience often describes that they seen loved ones that has past on, some times they are welcoming them and others are not welcoming them because it is not their time yet.  Then you have those that really has not lost any one very close to them, sure they have lost family members but none that their soul were close with, so if they experience this type of thing what do they see?


Into The Darkness you Shall Go
Into The Darkness you Shall Go

Well, I can tell you that, some may see darkness. That is what they might see because they have no one to greet them or see them.

I know this from my own experiences I have had many experiences of death  close and complete from the time I was little and every time I have seen darkness, nothing else, I was never scared just comfortable as if I was just placed on hold for the next adventure, very strange feeling really. No others, there just me all alone, No bright lights or tunnel, well now this brings me to another thing now don’t it.

What is the bright light that others say they have seen? Is it heaven? Is it hell? Is it your soul glowing showing you light to go on to the other side or is it other souls that was once connected to yours that is shining, showing you the way to the other side.

The Gates To Heaven
The Gates To Heaven

Many people have studied this and still no one really knows any thing. This one person that I know personally died according to her, I was not there I am only going on what she said.
When she left her body she was greeted by two children a boy and a girl dressed in white leading her to where she was to go. Then she said she saw her father, grandmother and many other loved ones that had passed many years ago. She described their faces as confused not welcoming, but looking at her as if to say you don’t belong here, when she was suddenly brought back into her body and this world. Now this came from a woman that believes in God and Jesus but not a holy woman so what made her see this. My thoughts on this is simple in a way.

The children were none but her own she has a daughter and a son. Both are still alive as far as we know and much older then the ones that appeared to her, they are very distanced from her and perhaps she yearns for them and misses them more then she claims.

Then we come to the family members whom where there when she entered the what she called “a white bright room”. She loved everyone that she seen very much and was very close with them all when she was a child.  When she grew up and got married and moved away she became distant from them and missed them all so much that some where in her soul she was sure to meet with them again and they really were not there.

 Could this be a Comfort zone that perhaps we create this as we live to help us along the way of death.

I have left allot of my thoughts out this for a reason and stopped it abruptly for a reason I want to see what this may lead to in comments.

These are just thoughts to make my readers wonder and ponder on this. What are your thoughts?

Written By Queenicess copy right 2014  (no parts of this may be used ever) BestOfAllTopics.com

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