What would It Be Like To meet Jesus Face To Face.

Have you ever wondered what it would’ve been like to meet Jesus, face-to-face? I’ve always had an endless fascination for our Lord in his human form, especially in regard to his eyes. What color would they have been? Since He was a Jew from an arid climate, they probably would’ve been brown, but we can’t know for sure. Maybe they were as blue as an October sky or the clear green of emeralds. Maybe they had gold flecks in the iris or were a cool grey, rimmed with lustrous, black lashes.

I’ve always heard it said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Can you imagine what it would have been like to gaze into the eyes of a man with a soul utterly free of the taint of sin, a soul so pure and unblemished as to have never known a single flicker of remorse, regret, guilt, or second thought? Can you imagine seeing in that gaze, the wisdom of the ages, the knowledge of Creation, the memory of heaven? Can you imagine glimpsing, in that gaze, a compassion so encompassing, a love so profound, that you would desire nothing more than to drown in it?

That gaze had to be intense and arresting. It compelled twelve ordinary men to leave everything behind in order to be in His inner circle. It drew thousands to him, wherever He went, hanging on a word, a touch, a look, loathe to leave his presence. It would have been a gaze that could shake a man to his core, bestow a peace beyond comprehension, or bring the most arrogant to his knees. As for those who sought to condemn and revile Him, the chief scribes and Pharisees? I don’t think they could ever bring themselves to gaze directly into his eyes. Had they done so, Bible prophecy would’ve never been fulfilled.

Written By Debbie Hoskins Dunaway 2012 BestOfAllTopics.com no part may be used

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  1. You are heading in the right directions, and I advice you to continue, However, anytime that you mention Jesus, you will get my attenton:
    He has delivered me from trouble and danger, I know he has my soul, but I owe him my life as well, Jesus is Lord.

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