Toothache Folk Remedies

Good dental care was a luxury for many people during the early days of this country, and sadly, it is a luxury that many can not afford today.  But, as always, folks did the best they could with what they had and treated a toothache in a variety of ways. Here are a few of them.

One remedy was to take a small amount of wine, or juice, from some poke berries and mix one part to eight parts of white whiskey, or moon shine, and take a small spoonful a day. (caution! Poke berries and the plant itself are poisonous! Only the early spring shoots and leaves of this plant are considered edible!) It was considered to be good for rheumatism and muscle cramps as well.  Another, and much safer, remedy was to pour pure vanilla extract straight from the bottle onto the tooth. There was another remedy called Bluestone that people sometimes bought and used because it killed the nerve… (however, this author is unable to find any information concerning what this particular remedy actually is or was.)

Whiskey and turpentine was used in a lot of toothache remedies as both seemed to be readily available. One simply mixed the two together and held them on the tooth. Drinking the white corn whiskey was also a favorite.  And, finally, when all else fails, many times the tooth was yanked or pulled out by either a family member, friend, or the sufferer themselves.

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One thought on “Toothache Folk Remedies”

  1. I agree, dentists now charge way to much for a simple task to be done such as removing a rotting tooth or teeth.. there goes an arm and a leg.

    Speaking of dentists .. this little story I’m about to say is true because it happened to me. One time I had a real nasty big hole in my back tooth & the dentist I used to go to told me that I needed a root canal and it would cost hundreds of dollars just to get it done, and they also said it couldn’t be fixed.. BAH! I used to go to this career academy center & they had a dentist there and I told him what the dentist I went to said and he looked at me funny and told me that he could fix it.. And today my tooth is back to normal no big hole no pain no nothing, and I didn’t pay a cent. Because I lived there. He numbed me, chipped away at the dead tooth then filled it in and it was painless but my mouth was numb for an hour or two lol.

    But the moral of this story is, don’t always believe what the dentist tells you unless your tooth really can’t be helped.

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