Three Ghosts of Oldham Farm

This story is about three ghosts. Oldham farm was my great grandfathers house and now it belongs to my grandfather but when my great-grandfather lived there he went out and took his dog for a walk up his seven fields (each one three football pitches long) but when he got to the third one he could see an old white rusty caravan. He whistled his dog back and went back to get his double barreled shot gun.
He went back up there with two bullets only he knocked on the caravans door and no one answered. He waited about five minutes and they turned up with a dead cow, one of his. He aimed his gun at them and told them to get out of their car and they did. He told them to line up facing against the caravan and he put the two bullets in to it and BANG BANG they were both shot dead both in the head.
He tied a piece of rope to their feet and dragged them back to his back garden and dug two four feet deep holes and buried them. Now they did not rest because if you want the dead to rest in peace then you have to bury them six feet under the ground.
Now if you walk up the fields the caravan is still there not been moved its just got a holes in the side of it where the gun had so much power it blew two hole into it sometimes you will see the ghosts moving towards the caravan getting ready to be shot and then they will just vanish.
After my great-grandfather died he left the house to my grandfather and he still lives there now. During World War II the Germans bombed England and unfortunately for a German bomber he crashed into my grandfathers first field and survived. At the time my grandfather was having a cheese and pickle sandwich, all he heard was a loud bang. He grabbed a large knife and went out to the plane and he helped the German bomber to his legs. After that my grandfather started stabbing him in the heart and he nicked his gun.
Now if you go to my grandfathers house you will sometimes see on a nice average day a German soldier will walk around the house and bang on the windows and you can hear the ghost speaking German saying “geben Sie mir mein Gewehr,” which is, “give me my gun” on a full moon night sometimes he is there as well opening and closing the windows.
Sent in by Darroch Millen, Copyright 2010

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  1. These entities can never come to you by thsereelf, cos they can be more then one places at onece. Ouija is a portel just ask is there any good soul near us who can talk to us. As they’re part in hell and part with us so they’re always weak. As souls are tortured in hell they’ll like to thrill you. So don’t pay attention and try to read any spiritual or god related book like bible, kuran, geeta etc.[]

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