The Truth Behind the Story of Emily Rose and Anneliese Michele

Anneliese Michele was a devout Catholic girl, was she to extreme in her religion? She felt she had to suffer for the sins of priests and others by sleeping on a bare floor in the winter. She was trying to make up for the sins of her mother (a child out of wedlock) and for her sister dying at a young age. Why would a demon attack someone so devoted to God? We always hear about demons attacking those who invite them or those who are into drugs, alcohol, and those filled with negative thoughts.

When we look at what Anneliese Michele went through we see a long, compounding series of mistakes.

First, by doctors for not catching the multiple personality disorder, and later by the Church, her parents and the priest.

We see no one caught the similarities between her situation and the movie The Exorcist which she had seen.

Anneliese Michel the "real" Emily Rose
Anneliese Michel the “real” Emily Rose

When Anneliese was 23 years old in 1975, she went on a pilgrimage. It was on this pilgrimage that an accompanying older woman concluded that Anneliese was suffering from demonic possession because she was unable to drink holy water or walk past a certain statue of Jesus. A year prior Anneliese had seen the movie the Exorcist, was her mind mimicking this? (afraid of the crucifix, afraid of Holy water, later during the exorcisms she was said to mimic the sounds from the movie as well.) This is important because this is the first time she was thought to be possessed. Did the dramatized movie plant this so called demon in her subconscious?

sacred-heart-of-jesus-statueAnneliese was diagnosed as suffering from grand mal epilepsy, a condition of the brain that can cause severe seizures. She also had neurological and psychological disorders that resulted in hallucinations. Modern doctors say that with the advancement in medicine if properly treated today could have lived a somewhat normal life.

The Church had also accepted the diagnoses and denied exorcisms for years. The Church never found anything that showed she had signs of a demon. There was no levitation, no documented telekinesis no super human strength, nothing that could be looked at as a demonic possession. . Her parents were extremely religious and decided to go against the doctors and seek an exorcism. The church gave in to religious parents who demanded an exorcism. Only after a Priest misdiagnosed her.

Anneliese was subject to 67 exorcisms which failed and on July 30, 1976, Anneliese died of starvation. She was denied the care she deserved, when she quit eating and her physical appearance showed that, a doctor should of come in and helped her. This is probably the biggest reason the parents and priest were looked at as guilty. They allowed her to suffer and eventually die.

holy-cross-sacred-heart-catholic-churchAnneliese thought she had visions sent to her from God and the visions said that the church has corruption and many disloyal priests, this included the pope, after Anneliese died the church declared her mentally ill.

Now lets look back, the Church declared her mentally ill, both before and after her death. So why with none of the required evidence to prove she was possessed, a priest allowed to perform 67 exorcisms which with his negligence eventually led to her death. The Catholic Church has a strict policy of having the person investigated and checked out for neurological problems. Anneliese never met the required guidelines for an exorcism. She and her parents were devout Catholics, according to all I have read a demon wouldn’t be able to bother her.

The exorcisms failed because there was nothing to exorcise. Anneliese Michel was not possessed; she required extensive medical attention. Had her parents sought proper ( I did say proper) medical care for their daughter instead of seeking refuge in superstition, Anneliese might be alive today.

Lets look at Demonic possession, does it even exist at all? We hear about cases of it but have you ever seen any solid evidence? Exorcists claim super human strength a sign, well sorry its adrenaline pump. We hear talking in a strange language, sorry again but sounds like Tourette Syndrome. We hear about victims taking the shape of a demon, with red eyes and scales, are these tales from the movies? The real demons people face are in their minds, something created by life, child abuse, drugs, alcohol, untreated temporary neurological issues and other explainable causes.

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Story of Emily Rose and Anneliese Michele”

  1. This is a really great piece of writing things of this sort has always fascinated me and scares the crap out of me too but I have heard so many different things about this poor girl among others that it makes you wounder really.
    Thanks for this.

  2. There are really possessions by demons. Of course, if I give you any other examples or “evidences”, and you will come out with some explanations or arguments to counter me. Well~ We’ll see =)

    1. I agree with you 100% Terry that demons are real as well as people being possessed too if I am not mistaken it is even talked about in the Good Book itself the bible.
      The dude that wrote this is very smart and he looks for ways around the paranormal nothing wrong that.
      There are so many things out there can prove that this right and then there are so many things that can prove this wrong but I believe that there are things out there that I never want to see this being one of them

  3. I’m sorry, this could have been good, but there are just too many errors. The Church did not “except” the diagnosis. They accepted it. It’s Tourette Syndrome, not Turrets Syndrome. The overall quality of writing was poor as well.

    Please, if you are going to write something, at least have it proofread.

  4. I am sorry but this sounds pretty good to me and seems like it has been written pretty well also looks like the admin must have fixed the words that you mention but I would not go as far as to say it is written poorly

    1. Yes I did fix the minor mistakes but I went through reread it and it sounded fairly well written to me. But to some it may not be

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  6. It’s funny, what people who write opinion writings such as these forget a lot of facts. Her parents did get her medical attention for several years before the exorcisms started. She wasnt getting better even with medical treatment, in fact she was getting worse. If you listen to the recordings, that is not a human voice coming from her no matter how much you want to believe it is.

    1. I myself belive that she was not sick as in some sort of medical condition but did have several demons in her and I know for a fact that these types of things happens all of the time. I wanted some ones view points for those who dont belive and I keep meaning to write the other view points that proves that she was indeed full of demons. I want to thank you for your input and I hope that once I get a chance to write my side of it that you will read it and give your thoughts as well

  7. I Actually Agree With You On This iAm Doing A Project On Her And Acorrding To What iHave Read So Far This Isn’t Demons She Was Child Aboused And Her Parents Just Did Want Any One To Know About That But Yes It Was Just Imagination That Caused Her To Do The Things That She Did I Would Have Put Them In Jail For About 28 Years But Thats Just My Opion Thankss !!

  8. I live in a world where exorcisms is part of life. Being a Christian myself and someone who is brought up to believe the existence of science, the death of Emily Rose is none other than one true example of exorcism where science themselves cannot prove it with numbers. Recently, you will see series of ghost busters movie and people going to haunted places to find spirits and souls with their cameras and other gadgets, im sure you have seen the paranormal activities recorded in the videos and photos.
    So, please dont tell me that the death of poor girl like Emily Rose was due to malnutrition and dehydation ONLY. Even if she’s a mentally ill, she wouldnt have the ability to speaks so many foreign languages (arabic, latin etc)
    I have seen people with mental illness but nothing can compare to what Emily Rose.
    Please let her death be a reminder to everyone that there are evil sources out there that cannot be seen with human eyes.

  9. This also says “should of,” which is incorrect grammar. The phrase is “should have.” I found the writing to be quite poor.

    1. There are many different writers on this site but this is not meant to be a site of perfection. It is a hobby of mine that I love to do and in no way is any thing perfect on here Thanks for reading.

  10. No, Terry. We won’t see. Because your imaginary friend isn’t real. And neither are demons. And the reason why your “examples” would be easily explained by natural causes is because they ARE natural.

    And Jackie….the voices and transformation WERE explained. She just saw the Exorcist, had multiple personality disorder, and she STARVED TO DEATH. Even when these cases are proven to be mental illness, you STILL believe they must have been demonic possession. Go live in the dark ages

    1. You are the one living in the dark ages.
      Multiple personality disorder cannot speak different languages, no matter how you look at it she is definitely possessed.

      And the voices are explained? are you talking about the Tourette Syndrome? Then again you are wrong, I have seen people with Tourette Syndrome but this case is obviously different. You should learn to accept about demons.

  11. I for one believe that she was possessed. science cannot explain every thing going on in the world. Evolution is a word that Satan has used to make some people turn away from God. some one please tell me, if there is no God, how then were we created? if we came from monkies, who created that monkey? How did the planets and people come to be? the world is full of supernatural entites, some people don’t ot can’t believe it because Satan has persuaded our minds to reject the notion. Anneliese was a catholic, that doesn’t mean that Satan didn’t or couldn’t use a child of God this way. he is the Ultimate liar, deciever, murderer, thief, and master manipulator.. i feel so sorry for what that child and any one who goes through that only to have others look at her as if she was crazy. like i said, science can’t prove everything…

    1. ” if we came from monkies, who created that monkey? How did the planets and people come to be? ”

      I will return your question,
      ~who created God?

      I you can answer this then I can answer your question.

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