The Ways Of Love and It’s Power

Does Any Of Us Really Know What Love Is

What Is Love

Can any one really know what love is or can you really know why you love some one?
No you can not I use to be one of those ones that thought I knew what love was and why I loved my husband so much. I use to even get mad when he could not tell me why he loved me. Now I can not tell you what love is. This is one of the biggest mysteries in the world to mankind.

There are different types of love that we show. I mean we love our parents different then we love our kids and we love our spouses differently then we love our kids. But all of that love has one thing in common. That is Commitment. We are Commitment to children and parents and friends by loving them.

Many people thinks that sex is love. It is in a way but not the right kind, if there is no true feelings inside you for the person you are with. Sex is nice and fun and most of us all enjoys it but in my thoughts if you are in a true relationship and really love them for who they are then sex will not mean all that much to you. Sex to me is a beautiful and priceless thing to do when you are in deep true love. But it is a bonus and we should not let our love dye if we do not get sex as much as we may want to get it. Many couples has split up over sex problems and that is wrong in so many ways. Going out and getting some strange outside of your relationship is wrong and there for if you do it then you never truly loved the person in the first place. Sex when abused is very evil and for some to let it control you is wrong but when Love making is being made with that person that you never want to be with out it is a bliss-full thing and should stay between only you two and no one else.

Love is expressed in so many different ways. It depends on what type of relationship you have with some one.

True love is unbreakable and tender beyond any thing. We can not measure love at all. Love is the strongest magic in the world and if this magic has touched you then you are blessed so much.

People take love for granted for they do not understand it and abuse it and in doing this you rip that love apart to where it no longer exist with in you even though you may think it does.

In today’s world true love is so very rare and hardly even exist any more. We need not try to understand it but embrace it and be happy.

Love is seen as being Passion, Intimacy and last but not least Commitment. Love is many things and love can save you if you let it in. To find love with that certain some one talking about your partner that you have or soon to find you first need to see all of the good with in that person and if this is easy for you to do then love will follow in line and when you find love you will know faster then any thing.

Every one in this world has good within them even if they have committed very bad deeds God Said to Love all. We are human and we all have flaws and make mistakes but love does not see it for it only sees the good. Love can conquer evil but some times evil will not allow love to come in only because it is afraid.

If you can not find love or think that it is not meant for you it is not loves fault it is your own fault because you fear it.

I use to be a person who never thought love was for me but then when it came to me it filled me up inside and I was also the kind of person that lived on hate and anger and I always fought against love but love never gave up on me. The love that my husband has for me never left and got stronger in some ways and now today I no longer fight love but enjoy it every day. I have one of the rarest thing on this earth and that Is true Love.

Love can raise you up from the ground and make you soar high in the skies. God gave us the only thing that can save mankind but we are to blind to see this and thinks that rage and anger is our way of surviving but it is not. hate and Anger and rage is what is tearing us apart.

When you and your partner are together you should never think about what they can do for you but think about what you two can do together.

We need to turn all of our rage into love and make this Earth a better place to live.

The human race runs on more hate now days and we let hate control us. If we keep going on in this rout we will finally kill out all love and when that happens man kind is surely doomed.

Love and let love is my motto. We need to try to bring more true love back into our world and make it stay.

I love My Husband beyond all things upon this this earth I love my children beyond all things up on this earth as well and I am one of the most blessed women in this whole world for the simple fact that I have True Love in My life and that will never die.

Written By Tasha Slone copyright 2011

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  1. This is beautiful, and speaks from the heart. This piece was obviously written by someone who has experienced and knows what true love is. The truth of that experience brings power to the words. Well done!

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