The Old Man

I believe I was 12 when this happened. I always lived in the same house, the same neighborhood. My mom and I were sleeping in the same room (that night I was scared because I had a bad nightmare) all of a sudden we hear a knock on the door. It was 3:00 am, I said to myself ,”Who would be knocking on the door at this hour?” So I got up with my mom to see who it was.

My mom opened the door and we both saw a 55 year old man, he had some hair and he was clean shaven. The old man said, “Sorry to bother you at this hour but can I stay here for a couple of weeks?” My mom said, “Why?” The old man said, “I was in a crash two hours ago and my home is very far.” So my mom accepted his request and showed him where the bathroom was and lucky for us we had a guest room. So we gave him a blanket and a pillow. The old man said, “Thank you, both of you.” He gave my mom and I a hug and we went to sleep.

The next day we woke up and we made some coffee for the old man who has not awake yet. Suddenly we hear knocking on the door. There standing outside our door was my mom’s friend (Who lived somewhat close to us). My mom’s friend had said that there was a car accident near his house and that he saw an old man and a woman so he went to check up on them. The young woman was fine but the old man had no sign of life (no heartbeat, not breathing). So he called the police and when the police arrived they told him to go home. My mom and I looked at each other and my mom says, “Honey can you go check the guest room for me.” So I ran to the room and no one was there, everything was neatly folded and there was no sign of him.

Another time when I saw the old man was when I was walking to the store (which was across the street) to get some milk for my mom. When I was in the store I saw the old man, he had a gallon of milk in his hands and he walked up to me and said, “here.” I got scared and went to the cashier and gave him the money. As I was walking down the street a truck was coming at me (I think the truck driver did not seem to notice me at that time) someone grabbed me and took me to the other side of the sidewalk. When I looked up there was the old man and he said to me, “Hey you better be careful next time.” He gave me a hug and he smiled at me. When I got back I told my mom the whole story and she was not surprised she saw the whole thing.

Sent in by John, Copyright 2010

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