The Leopard Gecko Makes A Great Pet

Most of us are familiar with that cute talking gecko on all the GEICO commercials. This little guy may be great at helping to boost car insurance sales, but can he be a good house pet? Absolutely! In fact, some would say that the gecko – particularly the Leopard Gecko – is the perfect house pet.

Though there are several species of geckos, the leopard gecko is the most popular pet choice for various reasons. These likable creatures are fairly docile, take up little space, require a simple diet, sport a huge variety of colors and patterns, and can live beyond 20 years, Wow!

Having a gecko as a pet means having a nocturnal reptile that enjoys warm temperatures between 70 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as the company of at least one other of its kind. Ideally, there should only be one male per 15 – 20 gallon tank.

When you put male and female geckos together, you’ll likely have to deal with more than you bargained for once the offspring come. That’s cool, if that’s what you desire.

For easy care, the inside of the tank can be lined with paper towels, brown butcher paper, indoor/outdoor carpet, reptile carpet (yes, there is such a thing… can you believe it?), reptile bedding, or slate rocks.

These little guys generally prefer dining on a variety of crickets, wax worms, and meal worms. According to Veterinarian Dr. Lianne McLeod, “Insects must be gut loaded for at least 24 hours prior to feeding, and coated with a calcium/D3 supplement (every feeding for young lizards, every other feeding for adults).

Should you choose to have a gecko as a pet, you are bound to have a fun and rewarding experience as long as you stick to the basics of caring for your new friend.

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  1. You can find them You can find them locally at a pet shop. Not all pet shops will have them, look more for small filamy owned type pet shops. Call around, maybe one will have one. You can also find them online if you can’t locally. Just google search purchase giant day gecko’ or something. LLL reptile may have some now as well. They usually go for $40 to $90.

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