The Legend of Lilith Demon and Vampire

Lilith in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve

This myth begins at the very creation of man and of Lilith (the first woman created for Adam).

So God created man and woman in his own image and blessed them. Many have made her a model for feminism, because when Adam would not relent in his domination of her, she grew so angry that she uttered the Holy name of God and vanished.

God then had to make Eve for Adam, making her of his rib bone, so that she would be attached to him and not leave as Lilith had done.

Here, Lilith went out to the Red Sea, where she made a bargain with the Angels and she was allowed to stay out on her own, as a witch, and MOTHER OF ALL DEMONS.

Cain was the first born son of Adam and Eve. He was banished, with a mark, from the land of his parents because he killed his brother Abel in a jealous rage. He was cursed by God and was forced to stalk the fringes of civilization, fearful of the sun and ravenous for blood, as he was refused by nature for fruits and vegetables.

The First Woman on Earth wife of Adam
The First Woman on Earth wife of Adam

According to vampire legend, Cain wandered until he found Lilith by the Red sea. She took him in and showed him the power of blood. (The Tree of life represented in blood, and thus why drinking blood / being a vampire is such a big deal in a religious context).

From Cain and Lilith came a host of demons and vampires in vague myths. Lilith taught Cain many things, including how to use his blood to evoke mystic powers and how to create others of his kind. At first Cain refused to beget, believing it was wrong to curse the world with others of his kind. But eventually he grew lonely and brought three others into the Vampiric fold. These three in turn begot 13 more.

Cain outraged by this behavior, forbade the creation of any more progeny. Gathering his children and grandchildren to him Cain built a great city – The first city in the world – where vampires and mortals coexisted in peace.

Finally the city was overthrown – some say a natural disaster was the cause; others that a spurned child’s vengeful sorcery precipitated the cataclysm. Cain vanished into the wastes, never to be heard from again.

Three vampires of the second generation likewise disappeared into the mists of legends, and the children and grandchildren became the true vampires.

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  1. do you believe i kinda but where are they actully is this information true and how can u become one truely

  2. i believe in just about anything that makes sense.
    and u cannot truely “become” one. u r either born with the gene, or not.
    its sad because real/half vampires cant come out since there r so many rumors and bad things that arent true. they just dont want to b criticized.

  3. cayla i agree with u some how and i have some information’s and you know … these things
    do u want to talk about it?

  4. hey ,if there is good there must be have motives and can manipulate the truth , i know vampires exist i am from the Caribbean and we call them sou-coo- strange they fear the cross,may be they know their adversary..

  5. All bull, youth of today will believe anything! You can make up any kind of crap and “dig up some evidence” and they will believe you. Really, is real life so bad these days that you would believe anything just to escape from reality?

    1. To be honest there is allot of truth these kinds of legends Heidi so we are not escaping from reality but going back into the past learning things that we did not know I am sure that there is more to the whole thing but for now we must only know what we have to go by.

      1. I assure you all…Lilith is very much here. I’m not crazy, and nor am I seeking attention. Tbh I am somewhat terrified and curious at the same time. With three encounters I am sure eventually I will come to know why and for what reason. I don’t know about vampires, but Lilith sure is as real as the stranger you bypass going into a store or pumping gas. I haven’t chatted, but I have seen her on three separate occasions. Her responding to the “Night mother”. However, with this said, I am scared to death that perhaps I have only met her once, and what persists to pop up is something else entirely. Description is, a white cloak with three dark holes where your eyes and mouth is. I have researched this but haven’t gotten anything out of my research.

    1. I would love to know why or even how it could be possible for your DNA to change by having sex with a vampire that is the most ludicrous things I have ever heard Explain it to me and make me believe that it is true and I will change my song on that note.

  6. lol anonymous, that’s so ridiculous. and actually, a lot of vamps these days, don’t believe in sex because it is so mainstream and it’s not just love between 2 people anymore. it’s rather a hobby. a very disgusting, and shameful hobby at that i think.
    to TheSloneGal, you are awesome.

  7. i dont believe in vampire! unless i see into my own eyes..and become one of theme”’ if somebody is vampire there bite me… lol…hahaha

    1. no it is not stolen at all it was moved from that web site to this one so not stolen content at all. Just replaced into this one.

  8. I think that its dumb to believe in this vampire stuff but if they were real,It is great that I havent heard of any vampire-attack case

  9. MMMMM!! interesting points of few on the subject but how does anybody know anything about them if they are so secret and don’t want to be known???

  10. Other than modern vamparism, there are many accounts and myths about them all throughout history in every country.

  11. You don’t know if this story is false, nor do you know if it is true. Where you there? I think not. It is actually quit stupid to jump the gun. To be honest none of us know if its true or not, but every myth has some truth to it. You should think about that.

  12. i believe in vampire and if i get a chance 2 be a vampire then i ll defenetly do this bcoz i lve secretes and r8 now i realy want to be a vampire. and i think one day i ll done it. i ll be that

  13. Oh Young Ones Why O’ Why So Interested In the Creatures Of The Night? You think it is very nice to live for so long that you are bored of life? That you watch Your beloved ones Perish Infront of you? Believe me if i had the chance not to i Would have but i didnt have a choice..
    You cant become one. No Vampyre would make a human become one.
    If they did They would have been killed long time ago by the 7 kings. Let me tell you something enjoy you Human life and dont do stuff that would make you regret it. Please take my advice although you live alittle it is more than enough. The key to unlock Immortality is by being Humble. Like all thy generations before i say what i said to them. Take this from me mortals the night is not the best.

  14. do mot judge do not decide when the truth is there or not there just dont force what your not sure you want to know
    and dont say things to make yourselfs feel better it kike this if anything or one wants to be found then it or they will
    so i will live it at that.

  15. G0d made mankind different white indian black mexican asian s0 0n s0 f0rth different species and unknwn 0nes hell00000 what d0 u thnk cause 0f death unknw means and graves r0bbed 0f b0dies ppl missing everyday why w0uld u want t0 meet 0ne 0r bec0me 0ne and be damnd u w0uld live 4ever and watch ppl c0me and g0 and c0me and g0 and s0 0n u w0uld get tired 0f it and drinkn bl00d n0 daylite why w0uld any0ne want that let be what is and h0pefuly y0u wnt bec0me 0ne urselfs 0r dead death unknwn 0r missing never t0 be saw again 0r heard fr0m just live and let live as G0d meant f0r us t0 be

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