The Killer Hands that Killed My Best Friend

This happened to my closest friend, I guess I can’t see her anymore.

Me and my friend were on a school field trip to Oldham we went to this pantomime place and my friend had relatives there and she told me to follow her, so we sneaked out of the pantomime and I followed her.

We were at this bridge we went through it and it had pictures of hands all over it.

We went to her cousins house and her auntie made us some noodles but then we had to go. So we went back through the  bridge but this time my friend said that she didn’t want to go back because she wanted to remember this trip. So she said why not draw on the hands to show that we were here, but I told her there’s no point we might as well go quick before we get caught.

But she got a black marker out of her jeans and started to graffiti one of the hands, then she started to draw on another but this time she put the marker back in her jeans but while she was doing that me and her were walkin out of the bridge I was ahead. But with out me realizing the last hand she drew on strangled her to death, the reason why I knew was because I was talking to myself(thinking I was talking to Tiffany [My Friend] ) but there was no reply so I went back into the bridge and saw her body just laying there I screamed and grabbed her cell phone and dialed 999. The police came 20 minutes later.

While I was waiting for them I saw something different from what I saw before that the hand that strangled her part of the index finger was sticking out from before, then the writing on the hand disappeared I screamed and ran out of the pantomime and was shivering.

That very same day when I was at home I was thinking about Tiffany, then her mother rang saying where is she I told her that I never saw her.(because I thought that she would never believe me and might blame it all on me because Tiffany’s mother had always blamed things on me since the day I met her).  Then she rang back 30 minutes later saying that she was dead!

When I went to bed I couldn’t stop thinking about it firstly my friend had died secondly that it was a picture of a hand that killed her and thirdly how the police found the number to call her mother.

3 weeks later it was the funeral I was so upset I couldn’t stop crying. Tiffany’s cousins from Oldham which I’d met were there talking to her mother. At first I thought that her cousins might tell her mother that I was actually there, and to my surprise they actually did.

So Tiffany’s Mum and my mum were coming to me they took me to the grave yard and found a  bench we all squashed on one and Tiffany s mother (Georgia) was asking me what actually happened that night I decided to tell the truth. But for some reason they actually believed me.

After the funeral Georgia told me about the bridge saying that Tiffany knew about what happened there along time ago ( An artist drew 5 pictures of hands and put them there and then one day this boy went in the bridge and tried to pull the pictures down but then, the artist came and saw him doing that and grabbed him and split his throat and killed him the artist chopped his hand off and some how squashed it flat and put it in a golden frame and hung it up) She said that it was haunted and who ever does anything to that frame will be strangled to death.

But the only thing she couldn’t work out was why Tiffany did it.
Now I just remember that date. 17/4/05

Yet again you might not believe this but it’s true and I will NEVER for get it because to me when ever I have flash backs about what happened I faint and Struggle to breathe, and now thats the only thing my mom is worried about telling me never to remember about it again but I can’t help it.

Copy write 2009

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