The Ghost that was called HIM by others

I was 9 at the time this happened. I can still remember every detail.
My mom was sleeping, leaving my older brother Matt to watch me. My dad had died when I was 2, so my mom worked 2 jobs and was tired when she got home.

I was in my room playing ds when I heard a clicking noise coming from my closet.  My closet was a walk in, so I could place many of my video games and such in it. I figured my dog, Scruffy, had licked some headphones again. But when I went to look, all of my electronics were on my shelfs.

I ignored the noise and continued playing. Soon after, I suddenly ran to the bathroom and threw up. This was strange because I didn’t get sick often, and I hadn’t eaten anything all day. When Matt took my temperature, I was perfectly normal.

I just figured I had sniffed something I was a bad reaction¬† too and this was my reaction. I went to my room and for the 3 hours I played ds. I soon became bored and turned to the wii. For some reason I couldn’t get it to work right. It was either froze or took forever to load. This was strange because it was new.

I decided to go and play in my tree house. (this was at the beginning of June.) I cut myself on a branch and went inside to get a band aid. I decided to jump rope instead. When I began to jump, I felt something cold run down my arm. I looked at my arm to discover my wrist was bleeding. I was worried because I put a band aid on it and it was still bleeding. Weird.

I went inside to discover my brother was having the same problem. We tried to wake my mom, and when she did, she was pretty cranky. She wiped the blood off of us, and it seemed to return. She wrapped towels around our arms hoping it would work. Just as she finished she discovered it was time for her to go to work.

A few minutes after, my brothers friend Josh showed up. He came in and we all talked about what had happened. My family had just moved to this town, Josh had lived here all his life. He said there was a man (Josh called him ” Him “) who took his own life by cutting his wrists and bleeding to death.

By now I was horrified, but Matt wanted to hear more. He said the man laughed evilly on Halloween night. Just as he finished, we heard the laughing. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back.

This happened for the next few weeks to my brother and I. We received scratches and heard laughter. We soon decided the best thing to do was to tell my mom. When we told her, she was stunned. She didn’t wasn’t to move, as we all loved the house. Matt suggested we have an exorcism done. We all decided it was a good idea.

As soon as we had the exorcism done, we felt relief. My brother and I never got any scratches again. We never heard laughter. We were all so happy.

We found out he was sick when he died. and his name was George.

Written By Lucy Walters copy right 2009

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