Three Ghosts of Oldham Farm

This story is about three ghosts. Oldham farm was my great grandfathers house and now it belongs to my grandfather but when my great-grandfather lived there he went out and took his dog for a walk up his seven fields (each one three football pitches long) but when he got to the third one he could see an old white rusty caravan. He whistled his dog back and went back to get his double barreled shot gun.
He went back up there with two bullets only he knocked on the caravans door and no one answered. He waited about five minutes and they turned up with a dead cow, one of his. He aimed his gun at them and told them to get out of their car and they did. He told them to line up facing against the caravan and he put the two bullets in to it and BANG BANG they were both shot dead both in the head.
He tied a piece of rope to their feet and dragged them back to …