Just What is The Wendigo?

Has any one ever heard of the Wendigo,  or maybe seen one?

Well to be honest I had never heard of it until I was browsing around on a forum and some one there  brought it up.
It is a very intriguing creature.

It is not as well known as some other legends,  but with this read you will know more about it.

Some may know of this creature by a movie that was released in 2001 called The Algernon Blackwood Story,  or may have seen it in comic books.

The wendigo legend has a long history behind it.
It came  from folklore and many Native American tribes mostly from the Algonquian people.

How ever it is concerned as many things some says that it is like a Werewolf or a reptile.

Many even gets the two names wendigo and windigo mixed up. The Wendigo is the creature and the windigo is a spirit.

Allot of people say that the wendigo is just a version of Sasquatch and Bigfoot.

The creature is more like a …