Red Eyes Growling Voice and Creepy Blinking Dolls

This began about four years ago,when I first moved into my house. Ever since I had walked into the door way I felt something was wrong with this place. I was about nine-ish at the time and didn’t really know how to take it and I still do not know.

I had just gotten home from school, and had turned on the TV. Homework was finished, so not much to worry about. Anyway, I flipped on the TV (positioned in front of a window facing a wall with a vent) when two little red dots appeared on the screen, like eyes. It stalled for about 5 minutes then faded back into the screen. I was startled by this and switched of the TV. This happened about 12 times every time I watched TV.We repositioned the TV for space purposes and the red eyes stopped.

The growling noises happened about 2 years later. It was 9:30. I had laid in my bed for about an hour before I drifted into a daze. My dog, Bandit, laid …