Van Halen

Eddie and Alex Van Halen became interested in music as young boys, they grew up taking classical piano lessons. But, their interests in musical instruments changed and Eddie started playing drums, while Alex learned to play guitar! Eventually they would end up switching instruments!

The brothers formed their first band in 1971 called the “Trojan Rubber Company”! By, 1972 they’d reformed into the “Mammoth” band and added Tim McNulty on bass guitar.

For several years they did small gigs in and near their home town of Pasadena, California. David Lee Roth was added on vocals,and Michael Anthony on the bass. Their band, “Mammoth” became very popular with the local crowd.

They discovered that another band was using the name “Mammoth”, so in 1974 they decided on “Van Halen”. They became even more popular by self promoting, before gigs they’d hand out fliers at all the local high schools.
The band got a break in 1976 while doing a gig at one of the local clubs. Kiss bassist, Gene Simmons saw them perform and liked the …