Thor The God of Thunder

Thursday comes around once every 7 days, yet do you realize what the word Thursday comes from or its significance? Thursday is the combination of “Thor’s day” which is  a day celebrating the life of one God, Thor. The most popular and known God of Norse mythology is known for his connection with thunder. Back in the time of the Vikings in Germanic and Scandinavian countries, thunder was not simply a weather occurrence, it was controlled by Thor.

He was the son of God of Thunder, the chief god of the Germanic people, and Lord, a personification of the uninhabited earth. Thor was married to Sif who was a gorgeous fertility goddess. This made Thor the stepfather of Sif’s child Ull who was the god of archery and skiing. With Sif he had a daughter named Thrud, and with a mistress Jarnsaxa he fathered two sons Magni and Modi.

In paintings and art depicting Thor, he is portrayed as a large muscular man with red hair and a beard. His eyes were like lightning in …