ZZ Top

Whether you’re a die hard fan or not, if you’ve ever seen and heard ZZ Top, it’s quite likely that you’ll never forget them! This Texas born and bred, gritty blues band has a look that’s almost as popular as their music!

Long beards and sunglasses, cool guitars and hot cars, will always be trademarks that devoted ZZ Top fans automatically associate with this classic rock band! And, we can’t leave out the sexy women that always show up in their videos!

Since 1969, “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” has hard rocked their way into music history. ZZ Top holds one very special distinction that separates them from most of the bands of the 60’s and 70’s.

While almost all of the other bands went through member changes on an seemingly regular basis, ZZ Top’s original members have stuck together through thick and thin. And, until September 2006, Bill Ham had served as their friend, manager and producer from the bands beginning!

ZZ Top was comprised of Dusty Hill doing vocals and working his …