Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 16

When my second husband and I were courting – he lived in an ‘Army House’ on the other side of town from where I now lived. It was a lovely bright modern house but I was instantly aware of the ‘ol someone moving out of the corner of my eye trick that had also plagued my mother’s house (ironically only five minutes away!). It was never too intrusive and kept its distance but I saw enough to know it was definitely male by its build, taller than my fiancĂ©, had very short hair and broad shoulders.

As we were only courting, I wasn’t too sure how my then boyfriend would take the news he seemed to have ‘someone’ in his house but I was honest and just told him how I saw it. I didn’t see it as a fearful situation, the ‘person’ was in no hurry to make themselves known. They weren’t “doing” anything – they were just ‘there’ in the background.

On more than one occasion standing in the kitchen I would THINK …