At 16, Steven Tallarico formed his first serious band, called The Strangeurs they soon changed their name to Chain Reaction due to name conflicts. The bands were active from 1964 through 1968. At 18, Steven entered the studio for the first time and recorded two of only four singles ever released by Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction performed opening acts for bands such as The Beach Boys and The Byrds, but even with the recording contract the band saw very little success. And, by the summer of 1970 the band had disbanded!

That same summer, Steven had ran into Joe Perry, lead guitarist for the Jam Band. The Jam Band had also broken up and Steven and Joe collaborated on a joint venture that produced the creation of Aerosmith!

Late in the fall of 1970, Aerosmith made it’s public debut at the Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon MA. The performance was a big success and they continued to perform gigs outside the Boston University Student Union Building.

By 1971 the band was earning around $300 …