An old friend’s Spirt That Stays With Me

Hi there! I believe in ghosts 100%, well I should because I live with one!

The first time I suspected that their was a ghost in my house was that there was these weird markings on the wall. I just woke up early in the morning and as I was walking down the stairs at the corner of my eye these weird white markings as if someone has been scratching at the wall. “Mum, what are these?” I asked. My mum just blamed it on me and grounded me! Everyday I saw them, more and more markings appeared.

A few months later, words appeared. Random words. F M B L. Was this a code? I wrote the letters down and thought all night, suddenly the table was wobbling I was so scared, I ran upstairs and noticed that the words changed again. “B M F L” I gasped.. B M F L – Best Mates For Life.

I was so shocked that I started crying. “Cat?” I asked.

Cat was my old best friend, who …