Basic Skin Care

All of us have skin that falls under five basic types, sensitive, sun damaged, dry, combination or oily. Several factors go into determining what kind of skin you have. Your genes play a big role in skin types, but stress, diet and even some medications that you take also promote certain types of skin.

If you have oily skin, the most important rule is to keep it clean. Using an ex foliate to unclog pores and deter any breakouts of acne and never use harsh cleansers. Choose a cleanser that is mild and doesn’t contain wax, oil or lipids. Never scrub your skin and use warm water to help dissolve the oil.

Use an astringent to remove oil and tighten the skin. Choose one that contains alcohol and acetone and apply right after cleansing. Oily skin don’t need much moisturizing, follow the rules for your cleanser, no oil, wax or lipids.

As we age our skin naturally becomes more dry promoting winkles and fine lines. The best cleanser for dry skin will contain either almond, …