Did I Just See A Weirdo Or The Hat Man?

This is a story that I happened up on and I contacted the person to ask if I could use his story of what happen to him 25 years ago.

Now there has been the story of what is called The Hat Man.   Many people have  reported that they have seen him.   This person saw what he thinks may have been just that.   If you have not ever heard of this type of being,  then I would invite you to go to two web sites and read up on it. The first one is a forum for the paranormal http://www.talkparanormal.com/
The next one is about a woman who has spent many years researching and learning all that she can about them.   Her name is Heidi Hollis and she was the first to give the name Shadow people the name we call them today. http://www.jesusisnojoke.com/theshadowpeople/id19.html. You can also go to your search engine and type in Hat Man and get loads of information on this subject and read about many sightings of him.  It is …