Water Cure Folk Remedies

As many of us know, water is the basis for life on this planet.   Our bodies are at least 75% water, but most of us do not get nearly enough water to replace what is lost through exercise.   Drinking sugary drinks such as soda, or drinking caffeinated drinks deprive our bodies of this vital liquid.   This in turn creates problems that lead to many illnesses and disease.

Such illnesses as chronic aching joints, constipation, acid reflux, gout, acne, dry skin, sinusitis, and a host of other common ailments have been reported to have completely disappeared once a basic water therapy was used.

It’s incredibly simple. Our bodies need about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, or about a half gallon, and a teaspoon of SEA SALT, (not regular table salt), everyday to help keep the electrolytes in balance and to keep our bodies hydrated.

A simple recipe of one teaspoonful of sea salt to a gallon of water works wonders to alleviate and cure many ailments. You can also add 3 to 4 …