Lynyrd Skynyrd

The band that evolved into Lynyrd Skynyrd and would prove to be one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history started out as “My Backyard”. Formed by three teenage friends, Ronnie Van Zant (Vocals), Gary Rossington (guitar), Bob Burns (drums) and Allen Collins (guitar), in Jacksonville, Florida.

The trio would practice their southern rock blues anywhere and anytime they could and started getting gigs playing at a lot of clubs and dances. In 1968 the band enters a Battle of the Bands contest and wins.

The winnings are used to recorded “Michelle” and “Need All My Friends” which was released on Shade Tree Records. They then got to appear as the opening band forĀ  some southeast shows for the California based band, Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Before a gig in 1970, Van Zant jokingly introduces the band as Leonard Skinner! Mr. Skinner was the high school gym teacher, he was very strict on enforcing the dress codes and had suspended them several times for their long hair! Mr. Skinner had said, “You boys ain’t …