Tag: poems

  • The Exciting Days With A Smile

    Soon The Sun will Rise This causes me to ponder on whether there will be sun shine or rain droplets To fall on my head on my way to work Wonder if I will need a jacket perhaps a umbrella or maybe shorts and a tank top What shall I hear today, Someone suffering from […]

  • Angels Sent You To Me

    There I stood On the sand of the shore line All alone Love was no where in my mind Love from me had came and gone So many times That I had given up on love Ever being in my life ever again Minding my own I looked up And there you stood Just as […]

  • The Golden Ring

    The ring that sets upon our fingers Once resembled our love We had for each other But now it just sets there upon our hands to adorn them The rings are dull in color and scared just as our love is And has been for a long time They remind us of what was once […]

  • Promises

    Why do we make promises We can Not keep to one another Lies fills our lives but the Biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we love one another When we really don’t Because if we did then we would be happy Love is suppose to be full of Happiness Not sadness and loneliness   […]

  • A life Of Pain

    I once lived a life of pain and sorrow Then I fell in love so deeply I almost forgot what my life use to be like Then slowly the darkness came again and love Was gone The life of pain and sorrow has returned All that keeps me going is two small voices With the […]

  • Hopes and Dreams

    Love kills all of your hopes and dreams New dreams and hopes are created If love lasts then those dreams will die too All of my dreams has been killed And no new one will come.   written by Tasha Slone 2012

  • The day I died

    The screams are mute The fights are gone The lights went out There I lay dead On came the lights My eyes open wide No longer dead There you stood Sadden eyes Looking down at me Nothing you could do Nothing I could do I went away for awhile Going mad with out your love […]

  • Where has Our Love Gone

    Where has our Love gone The love we had is not near any more Is the love we had lost forever Will we ever find our hearts again joined together As they once were or will We forever know only loneliness and Darkness.   written by Tasha Slone 2012

  • Life With Out Love

    Promises that have been broken Empty arms and a lonely heart Dreams that have been left in pieces Life without love is no life at all. written in late 1990′s by David Slone

  • I die inside

    I waste away as I die inside a little more each day My Hopes and Dreams are far behind me falling I die inside I hide my pain every day I die a little bit more with out Your Love   written in late 1990’s by David Slone