Did I Just See A Weirdo Or The Hat Man?

This is a story that I happened up on and I contacted the person to ask if I could use his story of what happen to him 25 years ago.

Now there has been the story of what is called The Hat Man.   Many people have  reported that they have seen him.   This person saw what he thinks may have been just that.   If you have not ever heard of this type of being,  then I would invite you to go to two web sites and read up on it. The first one is a forum for the paranormal http://www.talkparanormal.com/
The next one is about a woman who has spent many years researching and learning all that she can about them.   Her name is Heidi Hollis and she was the first to give the name Shadow people the name we call them today. http://www.jesusisnojoke.com/theshadowpeople/id19.html. You can also go to your search engine and type in Hat Man and get loads of information on this subject and read about many sightings of him.  It is …

Sweet Sixteenth Ghost

It was my 16th birthday and I was excited. I woke up and quickly went to the restroom to get ready for my party. I took a shower, curled my hair, put my clothes on and set up party decorations. My party was 6 hours later though. After putting up decorations, I went in my room and watched T.V.

The lights in my room started to flicker on and off. So I went downstairs to look for my daddy. No one was downstairs, so I decided to call. I dialed my mom’s cell phone number and surprisingly, I heard the ring. I turned around looking for it and I gasped at what I saw. Going upstairs, I saw a girl. She had long blonde straight hair with a thick bang that touched her eyelids.

She had on a bright blue sparkling dress with sequins. The dress was short, about 5 inches above her knees. She had on bright blue heels with a silver rose. She was pretty and familiar. I took off my heels and …

Could It Could Be A Gift?

I was reading a story on here earlier and I had experienced the same thing the other writer did. I’m not sure if this is a gift I have or if I could possibly be losing my sanity.

I’m not sure why, but I have deja vue all the time and I know exactly what you’re thinking right now; “Well you aren’t the only one.” But, it’s incredibly weird. It seems that I can predict what’s going to happen or what people are feeling.

For example, my friend once was telling me a story that had just happened to her and I was like, “Yeah, yeah I know, I know. You were walking home with your cousin and you passed a few guys on the street and they started following you.”

She was quiet for a second, just giving me a blank stare. I looked at her questionably and asked, “What’s wrong?” She shook her head. “Nothing..just..did Amanda tell you this already?” I shook my head. “No…you already told me this though.”

She continued to …

What are ORBS?

We all have heard and seen what we all call orbs. What are orbs? Are they paranormal? Some tend to think so but here are some pictures that might make you think differently about orbs. Take a look at these and then you can decide if you still think that they may be from the paranormal.

Now after seeing these pictures what do you really think orbs are? You be the Judge here. Contributed by Debunk Paranormal and Copyright © 2009 Best Of all Topics all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission. Thank you Debunk Paranormal