Only One Experience Ouija Board

I’ve had one experience with a Ouija board, and I won’t ever try it again. The reason? I don’t need to.

My experience wasn’t hurtful, angry, or frightening in any way. I know there are a lot of negative stories concerning Ouija boards, but I just wanted to leave one light story to remind everyone that not all Ouija boards want to kill your babies.

My mother, two sisters and I all bought a Ouija board, having stupidly done no research for it. We set it up, and before long, it had started to cooperate.

Now, I’m a total atheist, but the paranormal interests me no end. Do I believe in ghosts or spirits? Hard to say. But when we asked the name of the Ouija board spirit it revealed itself to be a woman named Avril, who’d lived in out house before we did. And she was nice. We asked her a couple of frivolous questions, about how old she was or when she’s died, or whatever. The answers were straightforward, and direct.…