The Killer Hands that Killed My Best Friend

This happened to my closest friend, I guess I can’t see her anymore.

Me and my friend were on a school field trip to Oldham we went to this pantomime place and my friend had relatives there and she told me to follow her, so we sneaked out of the pantomime and I followed her.

We were at this bridge we went through it and it had pictures of hands all over it.

We went to her cousins house and her auntie made us some noodles but then we had to go. So we went back through the  bridge but this time my friend said that she didn’t want to go back because she wanted to remember this trip. So she said why not draw on the hands to show that we were here, but I told her there’s no point we might as well go quick before we get caught.

But she got a black marker out of her jeans and started to graffiti one of the hands, then she started to draw on …