The day I died

The screams are mute
The fights are gone
The lights went out
There I lay dead

On came the lights
My eyes open wide
No longer dead

There you stood
Sadden eyes
Looking down at me
Nothing you could do
Nothing I could do

I went away for awhile
Going mad with out your love
While I healed myself

Here I am alive
Soon to be back in your arms
Kiss your lips
Feel your warmth holding me
Soon to hear
The laughter’s of our daughters
Getting hugs and kisses
From those who loves me so

Never again shall I do any thing of the sort
God and your love has Saved me once more
I love you so much
I love the love you give to me.


written by Tasha Slone 2011

Our Rough and Rocky Road

The Night is dark
The Road is rough and rocky
The Water is moist

The Beating of my Heart
Follows The rhythm of the rain
Falling On the rough and rocky road

I Shed my clothes to fill the rain
Beat Upon my skin
I Close my eyes for a moment
I see your face so sweet and kind
I Open them and dark has turned to light

The Rain has stopped
The Road no longer rough and rocky
But has turned smoothed as glass

The Pain has been washed away
The Past forgiven but not forgotten
True Love put me there
IN the light no more tears of pain
No more tears of sorrow

The path is seen that we must walk Down
Not alone but hand in hand
Till It ends for us
Never to look back
Never to let go

But to hold each other and see the love we have for ever and a day.


written by Tasha Slone 2011