Did Unicorns ever roam this earth?

Do they still roam our earth  today?

What is the Unicorn?

unicorn rainbowIt is a beautiful  legendary creature that has been around for many many centuries.   It  is described  to look like a horse only with a long spiraling horn in the center of it’s head.   Some say  that the star that you see in our modern day horses is the scar from the unicorn.

In medieval times,  it was  thought that the unicorn held many powers such as curing a person from poisons and protecting  one from terrible  diseases  as well as many other powers.


Many during this time would sell what they would call a unicorn horn.   This  was most likely just a horn from a narwhal.  A narwhal is a very large whale that swims in cold waters and uses its horn as a weapon.  Today, we call it a tusk.

The traditional look of the unicorn was to have a beard like a billy goat and tail of a lion and cloven hoofs.  Really,  if you think about it,  this would make …