The Ghost of Mr T Watches Over Us

When I was younger, I don’t even remember how young, other than that I was younger than 8, my older sister, my two cousins (that were siblings) and I were very close. We often had sleepovers, even though one of my cousins was a guy, and the rest of us were girls.

Well, we were having one of those sleepovers, at their house, where we would all sprawl across their fold out mattresses in their big living room, and watch Mighty Ducks until we fell asleep. As usual, I was the last person to fall asleep, but this time was different. I had watched all of Mighty Ducks, even though I had seen it so many times already, and checked the clock at least twice. The last time I had checked the clock, it was past 1 AM, I think. When I finally happened to fall asleep, I only got about 5 or 6 hours of sleep, because as always, we wanted to get breakfast (which their mom was a master at making!).

That day, …