The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead began their music career as The Warlocks. In 1965, they made their debut performance at Magoo’s pizza house. The Warlocks caught the attention of Ken Kesey in July of 1965, known for his public LSD-fueled parties before the drug became illegal, and he hired them as his house band. These legendary parties later became known as Acid Tests!

Before long it was discovered there was another band with the same name. After several weeks with no success in finding a name everyone could agree on, Jerry Garcia picked up a dictionary and ran across the name Grateful Dead!

The members all moved into a communal home at Ashbury Street in San Francisco, there they became a fixture in the music scene and quickly built a fanbase through the many free concerts they performed.

The band began recording their first demos in 1966 after signing a deal with MGM, but the recording sessions were anything but successful and ended with MGM quickly dropping the band!

The band continued to draw a devoted group …