The King Of Magic

A person was born in a beautiful place called The Kingston Gardens. He was the first of many settlers there. Larendeil was 4. He heard the word “Magic” and started to be interested in it. He learned after but wasn’t the greatest sorcerer at 4 of course. He learned well after and became powerful. He was known as The King of Kingston and defeating everybody in swords and magic. He was very handsome. He had sea green eyes and dark brown long hair to the neck. He discovered spiritual worlds like, Warness.

He fought there too. But that was just a first cause. He would be stalked by demons. Demons threaten him. They haunted him while he was sleeping. Seeing that he was a huge threat he wanted to hurt them.

He learned Magic about Demons. Soon he went mad. He entered the Demonic Realm. With the gift of bravery and magic he fought them and killed them. The Lord of the Demons challenged him.

“I will tear you apart” shouted Larendeil bravely!

So they …