Is There Hope for the Legalization of Marijuana?

For the first time in about a quarter of a century, legalization of marijuana has actually been brought up before Congress! Some legislators are urging that penalties for marijuana use and possession be abolished for anyone that is holding under 100 grams!

If the legislation goes through, you would be able to have around a fourth of a pound of marijuana in your possession without being arrested or fined! Lawmakers stressed that responsible adult usage of marijuana should not be illegal!

The arrest statistics for marijuana use are staggering! Since 1965, over 20 million arrests have been made relating to marijuana and 11 million of those have been since 1990! In the United States some one is arrested for marijuana on an average of every 38 seconds!

Under current laws, marijuana users face much more than just prison time and large fines. A conviction can lead to loss of jobs and any type of government financial aid such as college aid, food-stamps, welfare, medical benefits and low income housing aid. And, in many cases even …