Haunted Manor House in Williamsburg Virginia

This summer my friends Corinne and Derek and I stayed at a resort. It was awfully nice and the rooms were great. Each family got a two story suite.

We had decided to take a long walk on the way to the pool. About mid-way there we stopped and saw this huge mansion. It was worn with age but it was yet beautiful. Corinne’s face was blank as we walked toward it. “This is the Manor House,” she said, “I saw it in a brochure at the check-in house. This house is haunted and whoever walks through the gate is cursed.”

I quickly grabbed Derek’s shirt, he was only half a step away from walking in. I have always believed in ghosts from many personal experiences. So we agreed to go straight to the pool to avoid anything scary happening. As I was turning around to walk I saw an old lady with a Bonnet on her head wearing pilgrim like clothing. She smirked at us and walked away from the window. I jumped and …