Pele The Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes

Ka wahine’ai honus is the Hawaiian goddess name but has been shorten down to Pele.

Pele has been known to have reveal herself many times to the people of Hawaii. She is said to be the Goddess of lighting, fire, dance, violence and most of all volcanoes.

The Goddess had a vengeful way about her and out of spite she would cause the volcanoes to erupt. This is what the Hawaii people tells.

Pele was said to be born in Honua-Mea which is part of Tahiti. She was just one of the sisters out of six other sisters and seven brothers.

Pele loved to roam and left her home. One of the stories is that she was exiled by her farther Kane Milohai who is said to be the creator of the heavens and the skies and earth. The reason for her exile was because she had a very bad temper. Another was that she had fought with her elder sister Na-maka-o-Kaha’i whom is the Goddess of water and Pele had seduced her husband.

Pele …