A Haunting By My Brother

I was 17 my brother Josh passed away from a car accident. Josh and I were best friends, and always stuck together through the hard times, he was in his car one day and this drunk driver came from no where and swerved hitting my brother from the front. The other driver had claimed to see Josh not having a seat-belt on and my brother always put a seat-belt on, so I knew he was lying.

A year after he passed away I new something strange should happen, nothing would until one night. I was in sin the kitchen taking my depressing medicine and everybody else was asleep. it was just me, the way I liked it. I went to bed and I heard the sink turn on. I went to see if anything was there or if it was my family and sure enough it wasn’t.

That night could of just bin me, I knew something was there.two nights after I woke up and stared in my room. when I looked at the TV …