Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad’s early days were met with a love-hate attitude. Their many fans loved them, but the press seemed to almost hated them! A bad choice in managers was most likely the cause of the press’ intolerance of the band.

Knight’s take on the media, was that any publicity whether it was good or bad, was better than no publicity at all. He’d told the band members that the press would write about them just as much if they hated them as they would if they like them!

Their manager, Terry Knight, was a local D.J. in Flint Michigan. He’d left the radio business to get into music and became lead singer for “The Jazz Masters”. Other members of the band included, Don Brewer on drums and Mark Farner on bass. Eventually Knight left the band and landed a job at Capital Records.

In 1968, Brewer and Farner decided to strike out on their own and form a band. Bass player Mel Schacher was asked to join and the group called themselves “Grand Funk …