Creepy Footsteps

I was in the 4th grade, now I am in the 6th grade. This is one of my true stories about my old house in Honesdale, PA.

It was a normal day, sunny, warm and in the summer. My dad drove me to school, and my brother Alex, but in the evening of the day at school, my brother wasn’t feeling too well, and the school nurse decided to send him home to my dad. So my dad came home from his work early to come pick him up, I obviously stayed at school, and he took him home.

When they arrived at my dad’s house, they relaxed on the couch and my dad got Alex some cold medicine. At that time, our cat, Shaggy, was on the couch with my dad and Alex while our dog, Butchey, was on his bed in front of the fire place sleeping. My step mom, Dane, was at her work.

It was about 11:00 when my dad and brother heard a noise of what sounded like someone walking …