Understanding Feline Diabetes

There are two types of Feline Diabetes Mellitus. They are: When there is less creation of insulin inside the body and When the body can’t manage the body’s cell in a proper way.

Though this disease can occur in any cat of any age group but it is more prevalent among the older cats and the male gender.

Diabetes can also take place due to drug intake or illness which damages the original emission of insulin or the tissues that gets affected.

The Signs and Symptoms of Feline Diabetes:

1. When the amount of urine and thirst increases.
2. When the body can’t manage glucose it looses weight.
3. Nausea feeling.
4. Not feeling hungry.
5. Feeling weak
6. The skin gets bad
7. Problem in breathing
8. Lack of fluid

Diagnosis of the Disease:

At first cats suffering from this disease will be tested for the level of sugar in both blood and urine. This is done to check the increase of blood glucose level in the body.

Treatment of the Disease:

1. Control …