Training Your Dog to Obey

Learning to train your dog to obey may feel a little like a psychology class, but luckily it is relatively simple and fun. The key to getting your dog to obey your commands will be a technique known as “positive reinforcement”. This entails rewarding your dog for doing the things you command him to do. Rewarding your dog does not only mean giving him a treat, but should also include gentle and reassuring petting, and nice words and body language.

The first thing you should train your dog to do should be to come to you. Let’s go over what you should do to train your dog to come to you. Start off in a safe environment with a leash, like your backyard, and call out the command clearly to your dog. The command should be the same sound every time so the dog learns to recognize that command. If your dog does not respond at all to your command, try tugging gently on the leash and walking a few steps back as your dog …

Getting The Perfect Dog House

Many things need to be considered when looking for a doghouse. You will need to think about the size of the dog, cost you can afford, what climate you live in and what materials were used to build the doghouse. Another thing you need to think about is the general appearance of the doghouse.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of your canine companion. Is the dog a pup? If so what will be the end result when it has finished growing? You may even need to buy a small doghouse now and then upgrade to a bigger size when your dog grows a little.

What about cost, not everyone has won the lottery so you need to find a reasonably priced doghouse in your budget. There are many doghouses on the market with many different prices.

Do you live in the desert or at the North Pole? If in the desert or somewhere warm you will want a doghouse with lots of ventilation, or in a cold climate you …