Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of all

In all of human history, His life was the only one lived in complete perfection and utter innocence: not one single sin committed by thought, word, or act. He chose the company of society’s dregs, the poor, the prostitutes, the uneducated, and offered them everlasting life and healing. Time after time, he took a stand against the rich and powerful religious elite, and exposed them for the hypocrites they were.

For this crime he was sentenced to die the most horrendous and excruciating death ever devised by mankind. Mocked, spit upon, reviled, and cursed, he was beaten and scourged into a bloody pulp. When his torture was finished, he was barely recognizable as human, but they still weren’t done with him. In this weakened condition, he was forced to carry his death instrument to his place of execution, where stakes were pounded into his hands and feet, pinning him to a wooden cross.

There, he was suspended between heaven and earth, bleeding, sweating, suffering pain beyond imagining. The guilt of billions who’d lived before and …

The Truth Behind the Story of Emily Rose and Anneliese Michele

Anneliese Michele was a devout Catholic girl, was she to extreme in her religion? She felt she had to suffer for the sins of priests and others by sleeping on a bare floor in the winter. She was trying to make up for the sins of her mother (a child out of wedlock) and for her sister dying at a young age. Why would a demon attack someone so devoted to God? We always hear about demons attacking those who invite them or those who are into drugs, alcohol, and those filled with negative thoughts.

When we look at what Anneliese Michele went through we see a long, compounding series of mistakes.

First, by doctors for not catching the multiple personality disorder, and later by the Church, her parents and the priest.

We see no one caught the similarities between her situation and the movie The Exorcist which she had seen.

When Anneliese was 23 years old in 1975, she went on a pilgrimage. It was on this pilgrimage that an accompanying older woman concluded …

What are ORBS?

We all have heard and seen what we all call orbs. What are orbs? Are they paranormal? Some tend to think so but here are some pictures that might make you think differently about orbs. Take a look at these and then you can decide if you still think that they may be from the paranormal.

Now after seeing these pictures what do you really think orbs are? You be the Judge here. Contributed by Debunk Paranormal and Copyright © 2009 Best Of all Topics all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission. Thank you Debunk Paranormal