Unicorns Fake or Real

There are so many different types of mythical creatures that was said to have roamed our beautiful earth at one time, but were these all just made up stories or did some thing like these things really exist?

They did and they still do today maybe. But are they magical and powerful? No they are not, they are just animals that was born with a deformity and it has happened for centuries and still does in all types of creatures.

We hear that most of these mythical creatures were said to have been evil and man eating creatures while others such as the unicorns were powerful and peaceful creatures that stayed to themselves and did not want humans to find them or bother them.

The only creature that lives on Earth lives in the water that has this type of horn is a Nawl Whale and that is just the way it is. This is not a deformity it is the way God made them. Many of these creatures gave their lives for people who …