At the age of four, John Kay and his family, made a dangerous midnight escape out of post-war East Germany. Growing up with the Armed Forces Radio, John was inspired by artists like Chuck Berry and Little Richard.

Born Joachim Krauledat, he made the decision to make rock and roll his life at the early age of 13. John said, “Considering I was only 13, legally blind, spoke the wrong language and was on the wrong side of the ocean, maybe I was a little optimistic”!

In the face of all those adversities, by the time he turned 14, John was on the other side of the ocean in Toronto, Canada and had his first guitar! His education in the English language was acquired from disc jockeys and music!

He performed acoustic blues while traveling America and performing in bars and coffee houses. In 1965, he met and joined “Sparrow”, a Canadian band. The band moved to New York and then to San Francisco and joined the music scene in the Bay Area.

After several …