Animal facts Trivia

In the Guinness Book of World Records the largest dog that was ever recorded was in 1989 who was named Aicama Zorba of La-Susa was an eight foot and three inches and weighing in at over 343 pound English Mastiff.

Zorbra was from London, England is no longer in the Guinness Book due her death but there has never been another one to take her place yet. Now that is a big dog I wounder if this is where they got the ideal for Clifford the Big red dog for children?

Well we have the largest dog so how about the smallest dog now.
This little thing only measures in at 6 inches that is from his tail to his nose. It is a chihuahua. Can you just think how small it would look against Zorbra?

Click on the picture and read how big this little girl is.

I think these types of breeds well all Chihuahua’s really looks like rats for some reason and are most of the time mean. If they had the …