Declawing Your Cat Is Inhumane and Painful

young-giMany people consider their cats part of the family. They’ve became integral parts of our lives offering love and companionship. Yet, De-clawing them has became as common as spaying or neutering.

If you’re considering De-clawing our cat, there’s some things you should know about the surgical process. It’s not simply a type of manicure as most people might think. It is a very serious, painful surgery and it will takes weeks for your cat to re-cooperate! In some countries De-clawing is considered an inhumane mutilation and it is actually illegal!

A cat’s claw isn’t a toenail, it is adhered to the bone, sort of an extension of the bone. De-clawing involves literally amputating the last bone in your cats paw! It is comparable to removing the last joint on all of a humans fingers! And, even worse it’s not just one amputation, it is literally ten amputations in one surgery!

In rare instances De-clawing has damaged the tendons in the cats legs making it painful for them to walk! In even more common instances the …

Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat originated in Thailand where they had long been one of the most popular cat breeds. It was believed that the Siamese cat could protect people and places from evil spirits and so they were often used in monasteries and palaces for this purpose. The Siamese cat was also believed to bring good luck to their owners.

In 1884 several Siamese cats were given to a British general. It was the first time this breed of cat was seen in England. Soon afterwards immigrants brought the Siamese cat to America. Today the Siamese cat is one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world and certainly one of the most recognized.

Not all Siamese cats are the same color though most of them have light colored bodies with darker colors around their legs, paws, tail and face. Their eyes are usually slanted.

Siamese cats are especially known for their communications with their owners. They truly enjoy interacting with humans and are very vocal. In fact, the Siamese cat is known as

How To Deal With An Abused Cat

It’s not always easy to tell if a cat has been abused just by looking at it. Some abused cats may show telltale signs such as scars, wounds, or a limp while many will show no visible signs at all.

There are two different types of abuse; physical and mental. It is a terrible thing when a cat is abused in any way, but believe it or not, a mentally abused cat is much harder to deal with than a physically abused one. Regardless of how the abuse occurred the experience will leave the cat traumatized and distrustful.

If you are dealing with a cat that has been abused emotionally you will need a lot of patience. The cat must learn to trust you and this takes time. How much time it will take to make friends and establish a relationship with the cat will depend upon how you approach it, the cat’s age, the level of it’s abuse experiences, and of course it’s natural personality.

The key is to take your time with the …