The Beatles

The Beatles led the British Invasion in the mid 1960’s when they stormed America with “Beatlemania”. They altered the sound of rock and roll forever and their influence can still be seen today. But, from almost the beginning the band sparked controversy around the world!

At 17, John Lennon formed his first band “The Black Jacks”, they played a mix of jazz and blues. Later they changed the name to “The Quarry Men”, named after their school-The Quarry Bank Grammar School in Liverpool.

While setting up for a performance in 1957, Lennon met Paul McCartney and he later joined the band. McCartney then only 15, was a self taught, left handed guitar player. McCartney later introduces George Harrison to Lennon and he’s added to the lineup.

In 1960, Stuart Stucliffe joined the band on bass, by then they were ” The Silver Beetles”. More name changes included “Silver Beats” and “Silver Beatles”.

The band finally decided on “The Beatles” in August of 1960. Several stories have been told of the final name came about, in …