The Ghost that was called HIM by others

I was 9 at the time this happened. I can still remember every detail.
My mom was sleeping, leaving my older brother Matt to watch me. My dad had died when I was 2, so my mom worked 2 jobs and was tired when she got home.

I was in my room playing ds when I heard a clicking noise coming from my closet.  My closet was a walk in, so I could place many of my video games and such in it. I figured my dog, Scruffy, had licked some headphones again. But when I went to look, all of my electronics were on my shelfs.

I ignored the noise and continued playing. Soon after, I suddenly ran to the bathroom and threw up. This was strange because I didn’t get sick often, and I hadn’t eaten anything all day. When Matt took my temperature, I was perfectly normal.

I just figured I had sniffed something I was a bad reaction¬† too and this was my reaction. I went to my room and for …