Be Careful What You Wish For

Ok, I was brought up around ghost stories. I’ve basically heard them all. When we were growing up my cousins and I used to trade them like baseball cards. So, when I was warned not to ever say “I wish you were dead!” I laughed it off. That is until….. one night.

You see I was around 12 years old and my sister and I shared a room. We also shared a bunk bed where I slept on the bottom and she on top. We are 11 months apart so it’s not uncommon that we were always fighting over something. Well one night, I cann’t even remember why, we got into a really ugly argument that grew into an actual fight. Well we were pulled apart and I was so angry that I yelled out “I wish you were dead!” to my sister. My stepdad warned me to take it back because “You are never suppose to wish death on someone.” Of course being young, angry, and stubborn I refused.

¬†We were sent to bed …